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Graviton File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
absobj.cppImplementation of AbsObj class
absobj.h [code]Header file for AbsObj class
cam.cppImplementation of cam class
cam.h [code]Header file for cam class
file.cppImplementation for the FileConfig class
file.h [code]The header for the FileConfig class, and configuration-related typedefs
gameobjs.cppImplementation of all the in-game objects that may or may not be kept
gameobjs.h [code]Headers for all the objects based on AbsObj
graviton.cppContains the main loop of the game
levels.cppAny and all levels should appear as functions in here
levels.h [code]This contains the headers for the predefined levels
maths.h [code]Some global maths constants and routines
matrix4x4.cppImplementation of the Matrix4x4 class
matrix4x4.h [code]Header file for Matrix4x4 class
menu.cppDrawing menu, including fonts and stuff
menu.h [code]Header for all stuff menu related
obj.cppImplementation of Obj class
obj.h [code]The header for the obj class
physics.cppPhysical coefficients defined here
physics.h [code]The header file for the Physics class
tritype.cppImplementation of the triangle class
tritype.h [code]The header for the tritype class
vec4.cppImplementation of vector class
vec4.h [code]The implementation of the vector class

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